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Shopping Cart Contents is a traditional family business, which supplies the finest quality men's bench grade English Leather shoes and brogues from Cheaney and Sanders & Sanders to customers around the world. It prides itself on giving an excellent quality of service at very good prices. offers free delivery within the UK (inc. BFPO and Northern Ireland). Delivery is made throughout Europe (at a flat rate of 15 per order); and to the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore at a flat rate of 25 for a single pair of shoes (subject to a 2kg weight limit). Most orders, placed before 3pm for UK delivery, are delivered on the following working day; and, in addition to Visa and MasterCard, we do take American Express.

Shoes can most easily be found using the drop-down menus above, by searching 'by Make', 'by Style', 'by Width', 'by Colour' or in the 'Out-Size' section. Searching for a specific brand and style can be carried out using the 'Search' facility above. For the best viewing experience, if your browser is Internet Explorer v9 or higher, the website is best viewed in 'Compatability View' (this can be found in the 'Tools' menu on the Menu bar).

Cheaney ShoesCheaney Shoes

Cheaney Shoes, first established in 1886, is now owned and managed by Jonathan and William Church and represents the finest quality in English made footwear. Customers who invest in a pair of 'Cheaneys' will acquire a classic pair of shoes and will treasure them for many years to come.
Sanders ShoesSanders Shoes

Sanders & Sanders, yet another family run business, offers a wide range of quality footwear in a variety of width fittings. Their uniform products are well known amongst military forces but they also make extra wide shoes, country footwear and premium grade shoes and boots.
Shoes 'by Style'Shoes 'by Style'

In this section we have arranged shoes and boots by style. So, for example, if you are looking for a pair of Oxford Brogues or a pair of Chukka Boots or even footwear with rubber soles, you can go straight to the specific section or sub-section that you require by searching 'By Style' from the menu above.
Shoes 'by Width'Shoes 'by Width'

In this section we have arranged shoes by width fitting so, if you are looking for a Narrow Fitting (E) or a Wide Fitting (G) or an Extra Wide Fitting (GX or H), you can see the relevant styles listed together on one page. (There is not a separate page showing average (F) fitting shoes and boots, as there are so many of them that it would not serve any useful purpose: if you are searching for a pair of F fitting shoes or boots, then please search 'by Style' from the menu above, where you will find an extensive selection in each category).

In the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, the Average Foot takes an F Fitting, Narrow Feet take an E fitting and Wide Feet take a G fitting. More detailed information on width fittings may be found at the bottom of the page on Shoe Sizes.
Shoes 'by Colour'Shoes 'by Colour'

In this section we have arranged shoes by colour so, if you are looking for a pair of dark brown brogues, you can see the relevant styles listed together on one page.
Shoe AccessoriesShoe Accessories

Shoe accessories that we provide include Cheaney deluxe wooden Shoe Trees and Shoe Polishes.