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Brogue Shoes > Shoes 'by Style' > Oxford Shoes
Oxfords - F (Average) FittingOxfords - F (Average) Fitting

An Oxford style shoe has a closed front, the eyelet tabs being stitched under the vamp; and will normally range from a simple toe cap, to a semi-brogue or a full brogue. This page shows Average Fitting Oxfords or Average Fitting Oxford shoes and brogues.
Oxfords - G (Wide) and H (Extra-Wide) FittingOxfords - G (Wide) and H (Extra-Wide) Fitting

This page shows Wide Fitting Oxfords or Wide Fitting Oxford shoes and brogues.
Oxfords - Plain (All Fittings)Oxfords - Plain (All Fittings)

This page shows plain Oxford style shoes only. For Oxford style brogues or semi-brogue Oxfords, please look under 'Oxfords - F (Average) Fitting' or under 'Oxfords - G (Wide) Fitting' immediately above.

Brogue Shoes > Shoes 'by Style' > Oxford Shoes