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Quarter Brogues

A quarter brogue has a straight toe cap (as opposed to the wing cap of a full brogue) with brogueing on the toe cap seam; but the toe cap itself is without decoration. Quarter brogues are also known as puched toe-cap shoes. 

Cheaney Fenchurch - F and G Fittings Cheaney Fenchurch - F and G Fittings

Oxford Style Quarter Brogue in Black Calf.
Fully Leather Lined. Welted Leather Sole.
Leather Insole. Quarter rubber tip heel. Last 11028.
UK F and G Fittings. Sizes 6 to 12, incl. half sizes.
Collection - Cheaney City. Larger image of Cheaney Fenchurch...

Price:   £260.00 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Brogue Shoes > Shoes 'by Style' > Quarter Brogues