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Sanders DiplomatsSanders Diplomats
The Sanders Diplomats range of shoes is made from high quality French calf. The range includes Sanders London brogues, Sanders Lisbon Punch Seam Cap Oxfords and Sanders Stockholm Plain Oxfords.
Sanders AmbassadorsSanders Ambassadors
This is Sanders's most popular range, offering exceptional value for money.
Sanders Extra Wide ShoesSanders Extra Wide Shoes
This range of Sanders shoe comes in the extra wide H fitting.
Sanders CountrySanders Country

The Regent Footwear brand was acquired by Sanders & Sanders in April 2002 and was rebranded in 2010.
Sanders Uniform Shoes and BootsSanders Uniform Shoes and Boots
Sanders & Sanders Ltd have been providing Uniform Shoes to Her Majesty's Armed Forces for generations. Its uniform products are now famous amongst Police, Military and Security forces worldwide.
Sanders Formal ShoesSanders Formal Shoes
This range of formal Sanders shoes comes in the wide G fitting. They are fully leather lined and have lightweight cemented leather soles.

Sanders Shoes

Sanders and Sanders Ltd was established in 1873 by brothers William Sanders and Thomas Sanders of Rushden, Northamptonshire. They had a vision of offering outstanding quality footwear to discerning members of the public. They selected the finest English hides, the best local oak-bark tanned soles and began to design and make boots.

The company is currently in the fourth generation of family management, employing over 100 craftsmen. Sanders and Sanders Ltd is committed to quality and supplies a wide range of customers across the world.

In particular its uniform products are famous amongst Police, Military and Security forces worldwide. Officers in Her Majesty's Brigade of Guards will be familiar with Sanders Uniform George Boots! Of interest to many is the fact that they have an extensive range of wide fittting and even extra wide fitting shoes and boots.
Brogue Shoes > Sanders Shoes