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Brogue Shoes > Shoes 'by Width'
Narrow Fitting Shoes - ENarrow Fitting Shoes - E
This section shows our UK E Narrow Fitting Shoes.
Average Fitting ShoesAverage Fitting Shoes

There is not a separate page showing average (F) fitting shoes and boots, as there are so many of them that it would not serve any useful purpose: if you are searching for a pair of F fitting shoes or boots, then please search 'by Style' from the menu above, where you will find an extensive selection in each category.
Slightly Wide Fitting Shoes - FXSlightly Wide Fitting Shoes - FX

This section shows all our UK FX or F+ (US D+) Slightly Wide Fitting Shoes, including slightly wide fitting Oxfords, Gibsons, Loafers, Moccasins and Boots.
Wide Fitting Shoes - GWide Fitting Shoes - G

This section shows all our UK G (US EE) Wide Fitting Shoes, including wide fitting Oxfords, Gibsons, Loafers, and Moccasins.
Wide Fitting Boots - GWide Fitting Boots - G

This section shows all our UK G (US EE) Wide Fitting Boots, including wide fitting Brogue Boots and wide fitting Chelsea Boots.
Extra-Wide Fitting Shoes - GX and HExtra-Wide Fitting Shoes - GX and H

This page shows all our UK GX and UK H (US EEEE) Extra-Wide Fitting Shoes, including extra-wide fitting Oxfords, Derbys, and Moccasins.
Outsize Section

If you are looking for shoes in a very small size (5 or 5.5) or in a very large size (12.5 or 13), possibly the best way is to search in the 'Out-Size' section. The shoes listed for any given size will also be available in many other sizes; but here you will definitely find ALL the shoes available for any size selected.

Most, if not all, shoes are available in size 12, so there is no separate listing for this size. If you are looking for any size not listed here (ie sizes 6 to 11 and 12), we recommend that you use another search method, as you will only find a very small selection of shoes for your size in this section.

Brogue Shoes > Shoes 'by Width'