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Full BroguesFull Brogues

Brogues were stout leather shoes from Ireland or Scotland - the word is derived from the Gaelic for Shoe. A full brogue has a wing toe cap, with the toe cap, side and heel decorated with punched and serrated leather.

A semi-brogue has a straight toe cap (as opposed to the wing cap of a full brogue) that is still decorated with punched and serrated leather. Semi-brogues are often referred to as half brogues.
Quarter BroguesQuarter Brogues

A quarter brogue has a straight toe cap (as opposed to the wing cap of a full brogue) with brogueing on the toe cap seam; but the toe cap itself is without decoration. Quarter brogues are also known as punched toe-cap shoes.
Longwing BroguesLongwing Brogues

Brogues come in the closed front Oxford style or the open front Derby (also known as Gibson) style. Longwings or Long Wing Brogues are available in the Derby style. Longwing Brogues were de rigeur in the 1970s, when they were also known in the UK as American Brogues; and, not unpredictably, in America they were known as English Brogues.
Boots (all)Boots (all)

A boot is simply a shoe that rises above the ankle.

Boots had their heyday in the 19th Century: in the early part of the century most boots were knee high, such as Wellingtons; but by the latter part of the period half-boots were more common. By the 1920s, shoes had taken over from boots in formal roles; however boots remain very popular to the present day for casual wear.
Boots by CategoryBoots by Category

In this section we have sub-divided all our boots into categories for ease of navigation..
Double Leather SolesDouble Leather Soles

Many of you have asked for shoes with traditional thick leather soles. We have now included a section here where you can view a selection of shoes with double leather soles.
Ladies' ShoesLadies' Shoes

We offer a small selection of ladies' shoes and boots, all made to a very high standard. The Loake Chatterley and Godiva boots both have stud rubber soles; and we have included the Loake Brighton shoe, which is nominally a men's narrow fitting loafer but we find it popular with ladies too. We also supply the Ladies' Esher Gibson style shoe from the Sanders & Sanders Uniform range, a shoe famous amongst Police, Military and Security forces worldwide.
Loafers (all)Loafers (all)

A Loafer is a casual slip on shoe - typically with a wide strip across the top, which a person's foot slides into, without any fastening.
Monk ShoesMonk Shoes

Monk Shoes: on this page we offer a wide range of Monk Shoes, including single buckle and twin buckle Monk Shoes, from Loake, Cheaney and Sanders & Sanders.
Patent Shoes & BootsPatent Shoes & Boots

Superb range of patent shoes including the classic mess kit George Boot.
Rubber Soled ShoesRubber Soled Shoes

Rubber soled shoes and boots are becoming increasingly popular and definitely very practical as our climate becomes ever wetter.

Brogue Shoes > Shoes 'by Style'